This section is all about resistors! All of the information that you wanted (and didn't want) to know is all here.

What is a Resistor?

Resistor: [Noun] An electronic component that introduces resistance in an electric circuit. The resistance of a resistor is measured in Ohms. Also shown as the greek letter omega, and named after Georg Ohm.

Ohh, pretty colors!

The colored bands on a resistor represent the amount of resistance the resistor is rated for.

Here is a chart to help you:

Resistor Color Code
  • The percent thing is the amount of resistance plus or minus that percent. Resistors are never made 100% accurate to the resistance given due to imputities in the material and other factors like tempreture.
  • The colors are usually easily distinguishable from each other.
  • The  [x 10] boxes represent the multiplyer.
  • Note that all standard breadboard resistors have a tolorance of 1/4 Watts max. If you are using arduino or other robots, you shouldn't have a problem with this.

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